Blu di Russia Orchidea Blu

Our History

We are Andrea and Mara, a married couple from Brescia who crowned his dream of love in 2007 and the following year decided to expand the little family by adopting a kitten.

Mara has always nourished a great passion for cats and especially for Maine Coons, but because of my fear for cats, an inclination towards this particular kind of "gentle giant" does not help things at all, delaying the adoption until, looking on the internet, we discovered the existence of the Russian Blue: this is not a color (Prussian Blue), but a beautiful cat still not widespread in Italy.

From the moment I had no eyes for this elegant feline, so as to neutralize completely my reticence against fellow life as independent, won his emerald eyes and its refinement.

So we started looking for a farm that had puppies available with features that we were seeking: a pussycat unsterilized pedigree for breeding, capable of transmitting the pedigree to his kittens.

Towards the end of January we came across in ' breeding Tsar's Blue Sondrio who was awaiting the birth of baby Lara and Atos: a couple, a show. Lara is a lovely cat with a delicate profile and build from exile, Italian bloodline, and Atos is a beautiful young cat extremely slender, perfect from head "Egyptian" wedge and huge ears, bloodline Russian.


After a long wait, finally March 22 came the mischievous and intriguing orchid, our Tsar's Blue Orchid Blue .. our little heart.

This site is devoted to our little Kid, with the intention of making known orchid all those people in love with this breed, which nourish the desire to take one of her future puppies for raising him with deep love and unconditional.

The Ours is not a farm and we have no intention of creating one: we would simply allow our cat to lead a normal life as possible, without recourse, then, sterilization and allowing her to mate more than two times each three years.

For us Orchid is not a source of income and never will be it and we invite you to be wary of those breeders who are capitalizing on their cats, making them match even twice in just over a year.

We are not prepared to hand over our future kittens anyone who requests it but only to those who demonstrate real cat lovers and who are fully aware of the responsibilities they will have in taking a companion who will stay with them at least fifteen years.

Andrea e Mara
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